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The valuation and management of non-current assets is a continuing concern within financial institutions, even under so-called “normal” low-volatility market conditions. When the market fluctuates, experiences a liquidity crunch or a full-scale credit crisis breaks out, this concern will quickly turn into a full-time concern. In this new book, the author covers several aspects of valuation and continuous management of illiquid assets that have led to this concern, including: The prospects and challenges of liquidity risk management; the literature can be used to evaluate illiquid assets External methods and methods; liquidity issues related to the US mortgage debt market; the main regulatory response to liquidity risk management in the financial crisis; key topics related to liquidity risk in the Basel III system; a new mathematical model, Used to adjust the liquidity value of over-the-counter contracts; best practices in risk management; considering the future of risk management, the limitations of the existing risk management system. By bringing together the opinions of experts and practitioners in managing these high-risk and often complex financial assets, all the key issues related to the valuation of non-current assets are discussed.

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