Download Book Clinical Interviewing, 6th Edition

Completely updated guide to practical and proven strategies for conducting effective interviews – including online video access code

clinical interviewing 6th edition pdf free download

Clinical interviewing is an essential guide for conducting initial interviews, suicide assessment, mental health assessment, and the development of psychotherapy skills. The sixth version includes:

Updates focusing on the latest trends in clinical interview research and practice
Updated information about technology-based interviews
Access to over 70 videos showing authors discussing and demonstrating important interview techniques
Online instructor manual and resources to facilitate training
New examples to help apply interview skills and concepts
New coverage of specific populations and multicultural considerations
Cover extensive skills to help facilitate customer insight and action

The new version also includes a unique registration code for access to Wiley interactive electronic text (powered by VitalSource) that is enhanced with dynamic content, including instructional videos and practice questions to further enrich student learning. It provides uninterrupted mobile access anywhere, anytime, online or offline.